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Track: Outset Island
Artist: The Wind Waker HD Sound Selection


Outset Island - Wind Waker HD Sound Selection

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Knight and witch! These costumes have nothing to do with anything! You can get this print from me at TCAF! Probably!

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Track: Stars (Tea & Movies)
Artist: Brian Mazzaferri


We can stay up, while the world sleeps

Drinking tea and watching movies

All around us, everybody dreams of having things they don’t need

We try to tell them but they don’t listen because they don’t get what they’re really missing

So we stay up while they all sleep, drinking tea and watching movies

Recently discovered this song and I love it! It’s really sweet and just great!

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Track: Ballad of the Goddess Dubstep Remix
Artist: DJ MeTalliX


Now it will play in the audio player!

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Oh no I restarted my game recently in animal crossing and didnt bring my slingshot over!! can anyone sell me one?

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「pokemon with happy expressions! ─ requested by morgianaz!

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